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Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information

1. How do I set up my email account and other email features?

Follow this link to download a PDF document for email setup and other options.


2. What are POP, IMAP, and SMTP for Dynaworx Mail Servers

POP and SMTP are the commands that email uses to to receive (POP) and send (SMTP) emails.
IMAP syncs your email program with the mail server

Server Authentication is required.

Corp Mail Server Settings
SMTP.DYNAWORX.COM - port 366 for SSL 465

C-Panel Mail Server Settings
POP - - port 110
SMTP - port 366 for SSL see below
IMAP - - port 143

C-Panel Mail Server Settings - SSL
POP - port 995
SMTP port 465
IMAP - port 993

3. What are Name Servers?

Name Servers (NS) for Dynaworx are what tells computers where you website is located. It is much like your mailing address saying where you house is, except this is saying where your website is. You submit these to your domain name registrar.


For .CA Domains please use

For Wordpress sites use

4. How do I deal with Spam in my Online Email or Find Email that may be in Spam

If you are getting a lot of spam let us know 604-408-7480. To quantify a lot more than 2 or so a day. You have in your online email a Spam folder and in that folder are what we call False Positives. These are things that look like Spam but may not be. So if you are missing email go there.

5. How do I white list an email address so it never goes into Spam again?

You need to add the email address to your online address book. Click Here to see how.


6. What is the best way to send out Mass Mails?

A lot of people use outlook to send out mass-mails. However that can backfire, as Outlook has recipient caps and can also spin out of control sending the emails again and again and again. We, here at Dynaworx have a very robust mailing system that includes a mass mail out feature. Click here to see how.


7. How do I have Dynaworx Host my site?

All you need to do is call us and we will either review all the steps you need to take or do them all for you. The things you will need are:

  • FTP to current site is hosted somewhere else. If not the files of the site
  • Username and password to your current registrar be able to change your DNS


8. Can I synchronize my online email with my Outlook Contacts?

Yes, we have something called a "Com Agent" that can do this. Click Here to see how.


9. Can I have more than one email address in Outlook?

Yes you can have multiple email addresses downloading into your mail client. Click Here to see how.

10. How can I tell how much bandwidth my website will use or need?

Click Here to see how to work out your data usage


11. Why do my forms need SMTP Authentication in it?

To reduce spam and people "hijacking" your online forms you will need to add authentication to your forms. Click Here to see how.


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